Your essential service kit for everything SharePoint

Baiuniti limited helps organizations to increase the strength of their business, using the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. We have built our services to change this versatile platform into a multi-level collaboration and intensive workflow tool, as well as a reliable foundation for knowledge management and innovation across the company.


We provide services in a full cycle to help you create an optimal SharePoint solution .

Create a multi-functional SharePoint environment to support various business activities (internal and external collaboration, workflow and document management, knowledge) within the same platform.

Create an effective, collaborative corporate environment that enables dynamic and secure business operations and enables employees to perform their tasks with less time and effort.

Configure workflow step by step to support uninterrupted work processes, facilitate complex business cycles, allow employees to operate in accordance with established standardsof quality.

Increasing the number of users and SharePoint buy-in by providing user-friendly and relevant solutions with improved user experience and design.

Take advantage of the non-traditional functions of SharePoint, such as knowledge management and innovation.

Development of fully functional custom solutions or separate non-standard functions to streamline business processes and adapt the functions of the platform to the infrastructure.

Solving technical problems that hinder work, be it over-heavy architecture, complicated site structure, low SharePoint performance or lack of important functions.

Ensuring integration with corporate systems to enable uninterrupted business processes, document circulation and continuous interaction of employees.

Respecting the corporate brand and making SharePoint an integral part of the unique organizational culture, thus stimulating the users’ acceptance.

The guarantee of perfect performance and longevity of the solution thanks to professional quality control.

SharePoint migration

We provide SharePoint migration services to help companies smoothly change versions or SharePoint deployment models. This allows companies to use the latest SharePoint features, optimize their infrastructure and provide users with modern, convenient and efficient solutions.