Seamless protection of your IT network using a non-standard security strategy
Baiuniti has been providing comprehensive consulting services in the field of information security for over 5 years. We help our clients protect their IT environment by proactively identifying threats and security gaps.

Increase the security of your information thanks to our competence to:

  • Monitor how your cybernetic environment against APT, ransomware and
  • Other crimes is protected and reliable;Identify existing gaps in your network to prevent potential attacks;
  • Uplevel performance of your information security solutions;
  • It detects cyber attacks in your network on time;
  • Take care of the security of confidential data;
  • Make sure you follow the information security standards in your industry.


Companies of all sizes are increasingly exposed to advanced, persistent threats (APT). Baiuniti security consultants configure and precisely adapt SIEM solutions to perform proactive APT detection to avoid financial losses, sensitive data leaks and maintain the company’s reputation.

APT-focused SIEM solutions allow companies to:

Monitor your IT landscapes at various levels to capture APT at any stage.

Analyze all security events in one console. This allows the detection of APT symptoms using the entire set of security parameters available on SIEM platforms.

Develop a strong defense against APT according to the best industry practices.


Baiuniti delivers penetration tests to identify potential gaps in the networks of companies that burglars can break through::

  • In cooperation with our clients, we choose Penetration tests Black Box, White Box or Gray Box to choose the profile that best suits your case.
  • We develop custom test scenarios to check networks, applications, services and operating systems.
  • We control our activities to keep the tested systems intact.
  • We use many attack techniques, such as SQL injection, spoofing, social engineering, etc., to cover every scenario that intruders can use to attack your company.
  • We analyze the test results and combine them in a comprehensive report. The report shows how easy it is to take advantage of existing vulnerabilities and how much damage an exploit can do to a compromised system.
  • We are developing a rehabilitation scenario that includes our recommendations on how to eliminate the revealed aberrations and achieve a protective coating. Upon request, we will correct the gaps in the right way.


Baiuniti offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) services based on IBM Security Identity and Access Manager.

Baiunti consultants will help you secure your data by consulting the appropriate IAM Manager configuration in accordance with your security landscape:


We implement role-based access in the system to stop cyber criminals from sensitive data.

We automate user life cycles to optimize their performance and facilitate the management of user profiles.

We implement a segregation of duties model to enable error-free system operation when more than one user performs the task.