Baiuniti Limited create IT solutions for data analytics that help our customers to meet theirs goals.

Since 2013, Baiuniti has been rendering data analytics services for the customers that help companies growth. Converting historical and real-time data into insights we are designing accurate forecasting tools and solutions that cover data integration, data quality assurance, data visualization, data management and much more.


Data dashboarding & visualization

Baiuniti delivers custom dashboards and reports, which they allow companies to track easily their key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data warehouse development

We create environments using many programming languages to solve specific analytical tasks.

Big data consulting

We are offering big data services in a wide technology stack: Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, MLlib, Hadoop and more.

Data management services

Acknowledging the importance, quality and integration of data, we develop the principles of assisting effective data management.

Advanced data analytics

Using data algorithms for the rule and learning of machines, implemented in the predictive and prescriptive analyzes our partners much faster noticing the offer or threat.

Data analysis services

Baiuniti Limited can provide remote data analysis services to clients.


Performance analytics

Our company helps to define KPIs and build a hierarchy of strategic.

Financial analytics

We adjust financial reports based on accurate statements about the past, real-time data and forecast forecasting. In addition to solving specific financial flows and managing working capital, we create a real partnership between business managers and financial directors.

Marketing analytics

We develop analytical solutions for marketing teams in order to measure the success of their activities, analyze market trends, forecast demand and more.

Customer analytics

We support clients in the process of collecting, processing and analyzing data of clients ‚needs, companies can understand their clients’ preferences, measure responses to promotions, and create a unique customer experience.

Sales analytics

We facilitate the work of clients sales departments by providing them with dashboards that contain all the necessary information, such as revenues, accounts by type and country, product performance, the latest opportunities and more.

HR analytics

We know how to transform human-related data into valuable information that allows our clients to improve employee productivity, measure employee turnover, identify ways to increase engagement, etc. Our team provides visualizations for HR managers to see a disturbing trend at first sight.

Operational analytics

We help companies convert sensor data and Internet of Things into meaningful real-time reports on machine performance. We also help companies improve internal and external data (ERP modules, telemetry data, market research, competition activities, etc.)