Baiuniti offers the development of a powerful, one-of-a-kind software that is designed to meet the unique requirements of customers. Our qualified specialists know the business game and provide effective solutions in accordance with all the specific requirements, remaining unchanged within the time and budget limits. Along with the full cycle of development of custom software, we provide software support and customization based on the platform.


For 5 years of cooperation with various industries, Baiuniti was able to create a deep insight into their specific nature and now provides a highly professional individual approach. We present solutions that meet the needs of customers much more precisely than products from the shelf. After completing many software projects for enterprises and ensuring business automation for hundredsof clients, we are experts in:

We have extensive experience in the fields of media and entertainment, energy, production, education, transport and logistics, and we always expect new opportunities that will expand our minds.

With a serious and respectful approach to your company, we start with a conceptual study: our specialists thoroughly analyze your needs and help to create a detailed specification of software requirements, necessary to implement the project in the way you imagine. We offer the two most popular and effective development methodologies: waterfall and agility.

While with a waterfall you decide about all the requirements for your project at the very beginning and you get exactly what you need for a fixed price within the set time, you are responsible for the entire development process and you can add / change requirements and evaluate the already implemented functionality on the go.

In addition to development, Baiuniti offers implementation and further maintenance of existing software.



The company’s specialists include only officially certified experts and talented programmers with many years of experience and technology + industry knowledge. By prioritizing speed, they always provide the product on a budget and in accordance with the schedule. The creators of ScienceSoft – more than 50% of them are Senior and Leads – present top-class architecture software that provides a solid foundation for further development and maintenance, an excellent user interface and no performance problems.


We control all levels of software complexity and provide high quality solutions in the following technologies:

  • Back end and desktop: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, C++
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Software integration can sometimes seem like a very long process, but we recognize its importance and we are completely prepared for the challenges. ScienceSoft experts ensure seamless software integration with ERP, CRM, ECM and other business systems.


Our portfolio includes over 100 ready-made network development projects. Among them are:

  • business systems and applications for business lines (ERP, CRM, order processing, ECM, EHR, PLM, SCM, etc.) that streamline and increase the transparency of business processes by automating routine manual activities.
  • Internet portals for cooperation with clients, partners, sellers and other external stakeholders.internet pla
  • tforms for consulting, storage and processing of multimedia files, reservations, e-commerce, etc.


Our company guarantees creation of custom web applications that will be well suited to your business and technology policy.